Creo God Simulator is a game that gives you the power to build and manage a culture as a god. Mixing various gameplay aspects, such as resource management, real-time strategy, and city building, Creo God Simulator provides an exciting and satisfying look at what godhood is really like. Whether you're a kind and loving god, or a meteor-happy demon, you're sure to have a unique experience every time you play!


With so much to see and do as a being of supreme power, one might get confused or lost. Here's a quick look at the gameplay mechanics and features that will make Creo God Simulator your next addiction (not including binge-watching Netflix and looking up cat memes—those aren't addictions, they're national pastimes).


Creo God Simulator was created with player freedom as a priority. With that in mind, the building system allows for free-form placement and 360 rotation of any object, including roads! You can build your city YOUR way, without any bothersome auto-snapping or awkward building limits. Want a new shopping district for your people? Boom, done. Want a new altar so peasants can worship your glorious face? Bam, plop it down.


Gain believers, grow in power, and cast mighty miracles—nice and simple right? It really is, though you've got to be smart when using your powers. Is it truly wise to cause a meteor to crash into a busy market just for fun? You can use your powers to solve puzzles, increase resource production, and fight off invaders. Just remember, a god with no believers has no power and influence.


Creo God Simulator sports a unique randomization engine, which makes every playthrough unique and exciting. You can be peacefully building your town when a rock golem suddenly emerges from a local mine to terrorize your town, all while a swarm of locusts descends on your farms and eats all of the food. The engine creates both positive and negative events, which can in turn create unique scenarios to solve and manage. So in other words, don't get too comfortable.

Ok, I'm interested, how can I get involved?



You can visit our Steam community page and learn lots more about Creo, find answers to questions, and interact with other Gods-in-Training, not to mention ask the developer questions! See you there!


Mixer is Microsoft's popular streaming service. It allows for gamers and developers to share their experiences with the world. The development of Creo God Simulator streams regularly, and is full of exciting new happenings, you can even get your ideas put in game!

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