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The Holy Press Kit

Fact Sheet


Esteban Hernandez

MKSM Design LLC.

Based in Lehi, Utah

Release Date:

March 2, 2019


Steam PC

(Mac Port in progress)


Regular Price:

USD: Free

EUR: Free

GBP: Free


Creo God Simulator is a free-to-play game of city-building, resource management, survival, and a ton of peasant smiting. As the divinely-selected Creostrider, it's your job to build a society bit by bit, while convincing your new population to believe in you as their one true god.


During your time as the Creostrider, you will discover new powers to use and more advanced buildings to place, but beware, as you progress, the randomized events that afflict your town will become more difficult, not to mention that a larger population presents a myriad of engaging challenges to overcome. Can you prove yourself as the new true God, or will you slowly fade from the memory of the people you led?


Growing up playing various exciting god simulators such as Lionhead's Black & White and Bullfrog's Populous, Esteban Hernandez learned to love the joy of gaining believers and smiting the wicked. After teaching himself programming and 3D modeling, Esteban set out to make his dream god game a reality.


Started in December of 2017, Creo God Simulator went through various iterations, until finally settling on its current state. Creo God Simulator is certainly a labor of love, since it's primarily being developed by Esteban alone. Born out of a desire to bring the god game genre back to the gaming scene, Creo God Simulator is sure to be an exciting and memorable experience for any player.


  • Creo includes a procedurally generated map and an intuitive procedural event generator, which makes every playthrough unique and exciting. One second you could be peacefully building your town, and the next, fighting off a herd of angry cats while dealing with an earthquake!

  • A free-form building engine designed with player freedom in mind. No road snapping or weird placement areas, the player is free to rotate and place their buildings anywhere, building a truly personalized city.

  • God powers galore! Creo God Simulator includes numerous god powers that can be used to solve puzzles, improve resource gathering, and even fight off unwanted visitors.

  • A unique fear and faith system, where your actions have consequences. Though a player can win the game regardless if they are evil or good, the way your people perceive you will be influenced by your godly actions.

  • Heavy focus on resource management and city building, with a unique trade system and an 'inspiration' tree (otherwise known as a tech-tree)

  • Rogue-like playstyle. Though a player can have multiple saves, each save is overwritten, therefore giving each decision a tremendous impact. How large can your city get before the next big disaster? Remember, winning is great, but losing is fun!

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MKSM Design LLC. Additional Information

Monetization Permission

MKSM Design LLC. allows for the contents of Creo God Simulator to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Creo God Simulator is legally & explicitly allowed by MKSM Design LLC. This permission can be found in writing at



About MKSM Design LLC.

Founded in February 2017, MKSM Design LLC functioned as a digital marketing company, over time, however, the company made the shift to software development in full. After years of developing various software applications/games. MKSM fully believes in the principles of quality, integrity, and genuineness in product and game design. Making a truly enjoyable game, though challenging, is our final motive. The entertainment of our customers is our main priority.


Press kit inspired by Rami Ismail's (Vlambeer) presskit() design. Learn more at


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